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International Engineering Company specialising in the fields of environment, safety, public health and hygiene at work.

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Our solutions

  • Diagnosis and audit of buildings
  • Implementation of ISO 50001
  • Aerial thermography drone

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  • Aspects and impacts analysis
  • GreenHouse Gas assessments (Carbon Footprint / GHG balance)
  • Multispectral drone analysis
  • Specific studies : noise/wastes/air/effluence/electropollution

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  • ISO 9001 standard
  • ISO 14001 standard
  • OHSAS 18001 standard
  • MASE (2014)

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  • Single document
  • Drudgery folder
  • Industrial risks
    • HAZOP
    • HAZID
    • HAZAN
    • BOW-TIE

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  • Energy Audit 60%
  • Environmental analysis 20%
  • QHSE Management 20%

Symbiotis approach

SYMBIOTIS proposes to set up in your structure a transition process and continuous improvement of your overall performance.

We conduct studies that will help you improve the energy performance of your organisation.

A direct impact on your competitiveness and reputation in terms of social, societal and environmental responsibility.

Our environmental studies focus in the following areas:

  • ICPE record – SEVESO / Study / Hazard Assessment Risk- simplified detailed risk assessment
  • Noise Study (Source – Environmental & occupational)
  • Waste inventory and design of treatment processes
  • Analysis of emissions / air quality studies
  • Supply water analysis drinking water / waste water
  • Study of radiation and exposure to electromagnetic waves analysis
Energy audit

Energy audit is a crucial step to ensure good definition shares of energy management.

It aims to identify energy flows and the potential for improving energy efficiency and implement it.

The analysis focuses on the energy consumption of production equipment and utilities (lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, transport).

The duration of an audit – for a salary ranging in size from 200 to 500 employees on one site – may require 4-5 days.

Aerial thermography by drone

Aerial thermography by drone enables rapid diagnosis in hazardous areas and / or difficult place to access: roofing, electrical, etc.

A thermal scan, fast and complete, is less expensive to implement and less crippling for your organisation; and the risk of accidents is minimized.

The carbon footprint / GHG Balance
The GHG balance or carbon footprint is a tool designed to assess the amounts of greenhouse gas emissions on an agreed perimeter and for a defined duration – by convention over 1 year period.

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Maurice Drapier

QHSE Engineer, Symbiotis